Project Objectives

Scientific Objectives

  • To determine the optimal impeller size and speed to generate adhesion to carry a payload of up to 2kg while overcoming air resistance and impeller vibration.
  • To develop novel sensor-centric data fusion models appropriate to fusion of disparate range image data.

Technical Objectives

  • To develop a post process algorithm that will enable increased repeatability effectiveness and thus reduce the probability of error by 10%.
  • To develop a 25 x 30cm vortex robot with payload capability of up to 2kg that is operated wirelessly by month 12.
  • Image fusion and processing to categorize and quantify defects detected by the approach used, with a maximum variation of 5%.
  • To develop portable GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and UT (Ultrasonic testing) sensors with a combined weight of less than 2kg.
  • To design and develop a dry couplant low frequency UT sensor to provide sufficient measurement accuracy to size defects as small as 1.5 - 2 times more than the average size of concrete grains.
  • To design and develop GPR sensor with increased antenna sensitivity and penetration depth range of 40 –50cm.